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Aerial View DW Blake

Owners:  David Blake and Susan Blake
In business since 1977

Members:  ANLA, MNLA

You may have known us as BLAKE’S TREE DIGGING, INC, but in 2005 we changed our name to DW BLAKE CORPORATION to allow for any future changes in our business.

We have been in business since 1977.  We started out doing custom tree digging for nurseries and landscapers.  In 1984 we relocated to Albion, MI.  In 1986 we started carrying a full line of digging supplies with the smaller growers in mind.

We sell trees to the landscapers at wholesale prices for truckload quantities.   We specialize in large trees:   8’-20’ EVERGREENS and 3”-6” DECIDUOUS TREES.

Due to the fact that the digging season is so short, we also carry a re-wholesale inventory of trees that are dug by us, heeled in, and under drip irrigation.  These trees are here ready for those jobs that come in when you can’t get stock at field direct prices. 


D.W. Blake

(formerly known as Blake's Tree Digging, Inc)
28012 F Drive S
ALBION, MI 49224
(517) 629-3901
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Owners: David Blake and Susan Blake

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